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Like the Alexa speakers, Google Home's primary function is streaming audio. It can play any song you like on-demand, you just say “Okay Google, play [whatever song you fancy].”

Google Play Music is the default music streaming service for Google Home. It also supports Youtube Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRaido and TuneIn. BUT as you guessed, Apple Music is not included, which causes so many troubles for lots of iOS users.

Is there a way to play Apple Music on Google Home?

If you have many apple music songs stored on your iphone, ipad, Windows PC or Mac and purchased a Google Home, you will definitely want to play your favorite apple music with Google Home. I have done many research, it's really not easy to do so, but luckily it is not impossible either.

People may know that Google Home is currently able to stream google play music only if they have linked a premium Google Play Music account, which costs them £9.99 per month following a free trial. But they don't know Google Home can also play saved google play music playlists without a subscription.

So here is how to play your apple music songs on Google Home

Step 1 > Remove DRM from Apple Music songs and convert to normal MP3 music file.

Apple Music songs are DRM protected. There is no way to upload DRMed apple music file to Google Play Music nor play them with none-apple devices. To unlock DRMed apple music songs, you need the help of Apple Music DRM Removal - Apple Music Converter ( For Mac | For Windows ). This powerful software let's you remove DRM from Apple Music and convert protected M4P to normal MP3 format with 16X conversion speed and lossless quality. This is one of the best apple music converter I have found. The best part is its free trial version has no function limitation. Although you will have to purchase a license to get rid of time limitation. Download link for both Mac and Windows users are provided below.


100% clean & safe. Free to download, trail version available.

Check What's DRM & How to remove DRM from Apple Music here

Step 2 > Upload converted Apple music songs to Google Play Music and saved as playlists.

You are allowed to upload 50,000 of your own DRM-free songs to Google Play(the cloud) without ever paying a penny, whether or not you subscribe Google Play Music. Check how to transfer apple music to Google Play here

To set up a playlist in Google Play Music open the app and find a song in your music library that you want to add to a playlist. Tap the three dots to the right of its entry and choose ‘Add to playlist’. In the pop-up window click ‘New playlist’, then give it a name and description and decide whether you want it to be open to the public. Then click ‘Create Playlist’.

You can add new songs to your playlist in the same way - just make sure the correct playlist is selected when you choose ‘Add to playlist’.

Step 3 > Ask Google Home to play the created playlist.

With “Okay Google, Play [whatever playlist you created].”, Google Home will play the apple music songs in the created playlist freely.

Note: You can tell Google Home to pause or skip a song, but you have no further control over which songs in that playlist are played - you can’t choose a specific song within the playlist.