apple music to ps4

"I have subscribed to Apple Music and also wanna play it on my PS4, but I haven't found a way to get to work. Any way to play Apple Music on PS4?"

Thanks to the “Media Player” app, which Sony added more than a year and a half after the PS4 was released, there are now multiple ways for you to stream your local DRM-free media files to your PS4. Your PS4 can even play unprotected local music files in MP3 or AAC (M4A) formats in the background while you play a game.

However, your apple music M4P music file are DRM protected, that's why you can't get it to work on PS4. Here, I'll be showing you 3 easy methods to stream your apple music from iPhone to your PS4. Before that you have to remove DRM from your apple music files. Otherwise, there will be no way to get it work.

Let's start with a handy Apple Music DRM Removal - Apple Music Converter ( For Mac | For Windows ). This powerful software let's you remove DRM from Apple Music and convert protected M4P to normal MP3 or AAC (M4A) formats with 16X conversion speed and lossless quality. This is one of the best apple music converter I have found. The best part is its free trial version has no function limitation. Although you will have to purchase a license to get rid of time limitation.Download link for both Mac and Windows users are provided below. Download and get started!


100% clean & safe. Free to download, trail version available.

Method 1: Remove DRM and play Apple Music on PS4 with a USB drive
Method 2: Stream converted DRM-free apple music to PS4 with Plex
Method 3: Stream apple music from iphone to PS4 with DLNA

Method 1: Remove DRM and play Apple Music on PS4 with a USB drive

It's the easiest and quickest way to enjoy your Apple music songs on PS4 by using a USB drive. If you have a USB stick on hand, this method is highly recommended.

Step 1 > Sync your Apple Music from iPhone to your iTunes library on your Mac or PC

Launch iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC, if you can not find your Apple Music library or playlist in the iTunes library, please follow the Apple offical instructions to turn on iCloud Music Library on all of your devices and do the sync. After syncing complete, you will find your apple music library in your iTunes library.

Step 2 > Launch Apple Music DRM removal - Apple Music Converter

After installation, launch the Apple Music Converter. iTunes will be launched automatically as well. Then you will find all your iTunes Library and playlists will be displayed on the main interface of the software.

launch Apple Music Converter

Tips: There is no need to download the tracks, playlists or albums if your internet connection is fast enough. As long as they are added to your iTunes library, this software will automatically load and show them on the interface.

Step 3 > Select the tracks/playlist and choose MP3 or AAC (M4A) as output format

Click Music or playlist on the left side and select songs you want to convert on the main interface. Batch conversion is supported by this Apple Music Converter, so you can select more than one songs. If you have a very huge library, you can go to "Search" bar to find the tracks you like.

select Apple Music

Check the "Output Format". You can choose output format like AAC, MP3, AIFF as the output format. Here we choose MP3 which is perfectly supported by PS4. Customize other settings according to your need. Original ID tags and metadata information will be saved to the output MP3 and M4A audio files. You can also edit them.

Step 4 > Remove DRM & Convert!

convert Apple Music

Click the magical “Convert” button to start the conversion. When the conversion finished, you got DRM-free normal MP3 audio file with the same high quality.

Step 5 > Stream converted apple music to PS4 with USB drive

5.1. Save your converted Apple Music tracks to a folder called “Music” in your USB drive so that your PS4 system can detect them correctly. If this folder doesn't exist, create one. Insert your USB drive into one of the available USB ports of your PS4.

5.2. Select the PS4's “Media Player” app icon in the PS4's “content area” — that strip of icons on the main screen. Select your USB drive, browse to the music you want to play.

5.3. Then select the track you want to play, press X. That's it!

Method 2: Stream converted DRM-free apple music to PS4 with Plex

For free, Plex allows you to stream just about any DRM-free video or audio file from your computer directly to your PS4. If you are already a Plex user, this method is perfect for you. After you follow the steps above to convert all your favoriate apple music tracks to DRM-free MP3 format, just follow the steps below to stream with Plex.


Step 1 > (On your Mac or PC) Download and install Plex Media Server

First off, you need to install the Plex Media Server. Plex Media Server is free and can be downloaded here. Download it, install it, and then launch. It's simple enough, and it's available on Windows, OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD. And while you're at it, sign-up for a free Plex account if you haven't done so already.

Step 2 > Add converted apple music files to your Plex library

Once the server is up and running, you can configure your settings as you please. Choose your server's name, hit the Add library button to add the folders where your converted apple music files saved to the Plex library.

Step 3 > (On your PS4) Install and run the Plex app

Go into the PlayStation store, and navigate to the “Apps” section. You'll find the Plex app is free, so initiate the download. Once it's done installing, you'll find the Plex app under the “TV & Video” section of the PS4's main menu. Alternately, you can always go to the “Library” menu, and navigate to “Applications”.

Step 4 > Pair your PS4 to your Plex account

Launch the Plex app on your PS4, and you'll be greeted with four alphanumeric characters. You'll need this code to pair your account with your PS4.

Head on over to the app linking page on the Plex website, sign in with your account, and enter the four characters being displayed on the PS4. Press the “Link” button, and you'll be greeted with a message. If it tells you that the app was linked, you're ready to rock. If you get an error, go back to your PS4, and generate a new code in the Plex app.

Step 5 > Start streaming

Once the flex app on your PS4 is linked to your plex account, you should be able to see your entire library and access it all through the PS4. So find your Apple music and start streaming!

Method 3: Stream apple music from iphone to PS4 with DLNA

Sony began offering DLNA support through Media Player in 2015. If you'd prefer to use DLNA, here's how to do it. First off, you'll need to search on the PlayStation Store for the Media Player app. Navigate to the “Apps” section of the store, and you'll find it under “Catalog”.

Step 1 > Enabling your DLNA server

Of course, you're going to need a DLNA server to stream your media. There are many different pieces of software that can function as DLNA servers. You can also find such apps in your iPhone. If you already have a DLNA streaming solution in place, you'll probably be able to use that without much tinkering.

Plex supports DLNA as well, so you can install the Plex media server on your computer and use DLNA on your PS4 to access your media, if you want. 

Step 2 > Select your server

Launch the Media Player app on your PS4, and select your DLNA server. From there, you'll be able to navigate through your music, photos, and videos as long as you're connected to the same network.

Step 3 > Stream as you please

You can now tart streaming apple music from your devices which have DLNA server installed to your PS4. Enjoy!


100% clean & safe. Free to download, trail version available.

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