Why can't I burn a CD from my Apple Music playlist?

You may not be new to create CD in iTunes, but you will find impossible to burn a CD from your apple music playlist. If you try, iTunes will warn you that the tracks are Apple Music and can't be burned. Why? Because they are not tracks you own, even if you download them for offline use, they are DRM protected m4p files which is extremely difficult to convert and burn.

Then are there any workarond to burn protected apple music m4p tracks to CD/Disk?
In short: Yes, only two steps.
1. Crack Apple Music DRM and convert protected m4p tracks to mp3 format
2. Add converted mp3 tracks to iTunes and burn

Check the detailed tutorials below if you still don't know how to get started and not familiar with any Apple Music to CD Converter.

Apple Music to CD Converter - Burn protected m4p songs to CD/Disk easily

DRM protected Apple Music M4P music files are not easy to convert, but this Apple Music to CD Converter is aimed to break DRM restrictions which can easily remove DRM protection from Apple Music songs and convert them to DRM-free mp3 format, so that you can burn them to a CD like normal audio files.

With this Apple Music to CD Converter, it costs around 30 seconds to convert a 4-min Apple Music song. Batch conversion is also supported which allows you to convert entire iTunes Music Library to MP3 in just minutes on your Mac or Windows PC! So we are using it in the following tutorial. Download link for both Mac and Windows users are provided below. Download and get started!


100% clean & safe. Free to download, trail version available.

Step 1 > Launch Apple Music to CD Converter

After installation, launch the Apple Music to CD Converter. iTunes will be launched automatically as well. Then you will find all your iTunes Library and playlists will be displayed on the main interface of the software. If you can not find your Apple Music library or playlist, please follow the Apple offical instructions to turn on iCloud Music Library on all of your devices and do the sync.

launch Apple Music Converter

Tips: There is no need to download the tracks, playlists or albums if your internet connection is fast enough. As long as they are added to your iTunes library, this software will automatically load and show them on the interface.

Step 2 > Select the tracks/playlist and choose your ideal output format

Click Music or playlist on the left side and select songs you want to convert on the main interface. Batch conversion is supported by this Apple Music to CD Converter, so you can select more than one songs. If you have a very huge library, you can go to "Search" bar to find the tracks you like.

select Apple Music

Check the "Output Format". You can choose output format like AAC, MP3, AIFF as the output format. Customize other settings according to your need. Original ID tags and metadata information will be saved to the output MP3 and M4A audio files. You can also edit them.

Step 3 > Remove DRM & Convert!

convert Apple Music

Click the magical “Convert” button to start the conversion. When the conversion finished, you got DRM-free normal audio file with the same high quality.

Now find the output audio files and add them to iTunes library, you can start burning them to a CD/Disk! If you have never tried to burn a CD with iTunes, no worries, keep reading.

How to burn converted DRM-free Apple Music files to CD with iTunes

1. Create a playlist that contains the converted songs or files you want to burn to the CD.
2. Insert a blank disc.
3. Select the playlist and choose File > Burn Playlist to Disc.
4. Select a disc format. If you're creating an audio CD, choose your options.
5. Click Burn.

It might take several minutes to burn a disc with iTunes. When it's done, go and enjoy!


100% clean & safe. Free to download, trail version available.

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